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80s U.S. Marines Satin Jacket

Swingster Tag 

Made in the USA

Amazing Condition

Vibrant Colors


Tagged S


Width: 19.5'

Length: 23'



80s U.S. Marines Satin Jacket

$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
Color: Red
  • 10/10: Deadstock Quality, Either Brand New with/without tags


    9/10: Like-New Quality, little to no flaws, no tags


    8/10: Great quality, little flaws


    7/10: Great Quality, little rips, small flaws, little stains


    6/10: Good Quality, rip(s), stains


    5/10 Decent Quality, possible decent rips, decent stain(s)


    4/10: Decent Quality, big rips, big stains


    3/10: Bad Quality, rips, stains, miscolorization


    2/10: Awful Quality, either huge rip, huge stain, or serious miscolorization


    1/10: Destroyed.

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